Wednesday, January 4, 2012


My new years resolutions are so different this year. Typically I would list lose weight, drink more water, and exercise which are always goals of mine but this year my priorities seem to have shifted. This year my goals are more family orientated.

1. Be present in my life, enjoy those around me and stop rushing. Times goes too fast as it is.
2. Be more conscious of my health because my son deserves the best role models in his life.
3. Take time to take care of myself.
4. focus on my marriage and show my husband the appreciation the he deserves.
5. Lose the last 10lbs of the baby weight. This is important because right now I hate seeing myself in pictures and I want to look back at these memories without cringing at my appearance! Although 10 lbs may not quite cut it but it is a very manageable goal.

Well they are very open ended and definitely not in a measurable goal format (except #5) But then again it is just an outline for the year!