Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Today's adventure included dropping little Moxie Mayhem my italian greyhound off to get fixed and researching cloth diapers! Very interesting and slightly overwhelming stuff I tell ya. We made the decision to go the cloth diaper route before we even started trying to get pregnant.

It just makes so much financial and environmental sense. We are looking at spending $3-400 dollars (depending on the style we go with) for the entire diapering of our child's life and also any other future children. If went end up with only one child cloth diapers resell for around 75% of the original cost. To put a dollars and cents point of comparison the average child goes through aprox $3000 in disposable diapers. That is about 10x more that cloth.

Cloth diapers get a bad wrap I think. People have not seen the amazing leap and bounds that cloth diapers have gone through. No more pins and folding cloth. They are just as functional as disposables and even come in velcro (I'm going with snaps because they last longer) They also come in one size diapers that adjust as your baby grows. Now this barely scrapes the surface on cloth diapers and there are many other moms out there that know WAYYYY more than I do but I do plan on giving my honest lokk at using them!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

life as an undercover prego

SO only a handful of people in my life know I am pregnant at this point, since I am not seeing my Dr until 11 weeks I still have a way to go before we let the news out. I feel like I am constantly exhausted, my house is a wreck, I am moody at work and I can make no excuse (even though I have a good one) I cannot wait until I can finally say "sorry I have been so lazy lately! but I am pregnant"

Did I mention that I had the stomach flu this week? Oh yeah full blown vomiting and diarea. No, it was not morning sickness it was the real deal flu. Bonus, since I am pregnant I couldn't take ANY medicine to help. Pure torture, I wanted to die. I missed 2 days of work (Tues/Wed) and really shouldn't have gone in on Thursday because I was still hurting pretty bad. I lost 3lbs, I thought it was mostly water weight but I still haven't put 2 of them back on.

The most part of being sick was worrying about the baby, I was so afraid. I guess it was my first mommy moment when I realized I would rather choke down water every 10 minutes to stay hydrated for the baby even if it meant I would throw some of it up.

I am feeling much better now but really yesterday was the first day I started to feel like myself. SO far I haven't had to deal much with morning sickness(knock on wood) and I am now 6 weeks pregnant! I hope that I am lucky enough to stay the way!!

In other odd pregnancy news although I am down 2 lbs none of my jeans fit. Holy bloating Batman!

Friday, April 1, 2011


So I guess if you missed my last post then this one should catch your attention! I am officially 5 weeks pregnant with my first baby! I am so excited I am dying to tell all the people in my life however I have only told a few. I haven't seen my ob yet, apparently they don't see you until you are 8-12 weeks along. I will be seeing a nurse to go over family history etc and getting set up for blood work in a couple weeks. It is truly painful to wait to share such amazing news. Not to mention to explain why I am so tired! I think everyone at work thinks I am staying up all night partying j/k I do wonder if anyone is wondering. I have only dealt with heartburn through out the day and mild queasiness at work (knock on wood) but overall I think I am acting mostly the same if not only moving slowly but getting things done!

I am soo happy and tired : D I can feel that I am very bloated already and my pants are not fitting as comfortably as before. In preparation I have ordered some maternity pants because I carry my weight in my belly as it is. I ordered a couple of work pants that were on sale at Motherhood maternity and scored a couple pair of motherhood maternity jeans on ebay. I knew what size to get because I tried on a pair of my friends and adjusted a size down. One work pair has arrived and I have to tell you they are awesome, so comfy and the fit my legs and bum perfectly. To be honest I look better in them than my other pants!

So my blog may be more baby centered now! I hope you don't mind!