Thursday, April 19, 2012

Well we lasted a week doing the shred and fell off the wagon on the weekend! It was a start I guess. It is so stinkin easy to lose momentum. I know morning workouts are really the answer for me because once the baby is in bed I am right behind him falling in to my own bed! I can make a thousand excuses not to work out in the morning but the bottom line is that I hate waking up early, it is that simple. You know what else I hate? Being fat. I hate that no matter what size pants I buy, I still have muffintop. If the waistline touches my body, I swear I get muffin top. None of my clothes fit right, most don't fit at all. I am buying clothes I don't even like just because they may hide my muffintop. I hate that. I love clothes, but because of my body I am starting to feel so much anxiety about clothing. I guess I will just sit here and cry about it. This is the shittiest blog ever and I apologize to my readers. I am not motivating or even interesting. I will try harder. I have got to get it together. It is so easy to make plans but so hard to stick to them. I am just trying to keep my head above water being a new mom. My house is constantly a mess and laundry is piled up to the ceiling. I'm not even just sitting her blogging, I am also bouncing the baby in his seat while he sleeps. Thank god for naps. I need to focus on one thing at a time. Today is laundry, I am on my 4th load. Tomorrow I will figure out a workout schedule. I just need to do something active everyday.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hi to everyone who is too lazy to delete me from their reader.

Just kidding, maybe. Well I am still alive and adjusting to the amazingness that is being a new mom. My son is 4 months old, I cannot believe it. I have finally hit the I need to lose this serious post baby muffintop. It is like my muffintop is on steroids, seriously. I hate it. I hate that there is nothing in my closet that makes me feel good or even okay about my body. I love clothes but nothing looks good right now. I am dressing so boring just in an effort attempt to wear anything that will hide my muffintop (It isn't working, trust me) and I hate it. So I could sit here and wah wah wah but instead I am making a plan. Yeah, I know another plan. Most, ok all of my plans tend to flame out in a matter of days but without a plan I have nothing, so here it goes. I set a challenge, you are going to love this, trust me. I challenged my husband to a 30 day shred off. So here are the rules, the person who shreds the most days in a week "wins" sleeping in on the weekend! Genius, I know. I mean if you know anything about me then you know that the thing I love to do most in the world other than eating, is sleeping. IT. IS. ON. The weeks runs Saturday to Friday, that's when we tally up the days shredded and see who gets to sleep in. If we tie, then we each get a day and we worked our butts off. I am totally sleeping in all weekend :) Wish me luck and I will try to post more, I promise <3