Saturday, May 31, 2008

The bar has been set.....

The bar has been set...high. While discussing my weight loss journey with the hubby I decided that weight loss reward system might help me get off my bum and really lose the weight. He could care less how much I weigh in his defense so he basically said that I could do what ever I needed to. 
I started out small, 5lbs a new books, 10lbs get my nails done, 20lbs a shopping trip to H&M (an actual trip, the closest H&M is about 2 hours away), and most importantly at 50lbs and at my goal weight a trip to Jamaica.
 I have been talking about wanting to go to Jamaica for a year now and I know that it is a big goal but it is also a huge pay off. I know that if I went to Jamaica now I would probably miss out on a lot due to my own personal issues. 50lbs lighter and I will be unstoppable! Even the husband says let me know when you hit 25 pounds lost and I will start working out too. As if I wouldn't be jumping up and down yelling "Yay 25lbs down wooooo" . 
Weekly goal stay op, get some activity everyday, and no artificial sweeteners. 
Yeah I am giving up the diet coke, no crystal light, no splenda. I am really curious to see how this effects me and my weight loss. 

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ok you were right.

I went running tonight and my feet were killing me towards the end. Sneakers. I am cheap, I bought them at DSW and clearly they are not right for my feet. I should have listened to you all who said "go to a real shoe store that can show you what shoes are best for your feet." Yeah I get it now. Having my feet hurt is one big way for me to give up on running so I am going to check out getting some better shoes.  On the bright side I went running!

Workout they ever work out?

I went for a leisurely walk with a new friend of mine last night and we got one the topic of losing weight. Ok I'll be honest she is a size ZERO and I was talking about the need to go to the gym. She was like "yeah we will be gym buddies" and I was thinking about the fact that I have always had a dependancy on my workout buddy, they were always my ride. I have my own ride now so thats no longer a problem. I think that a workout buddy is a good idea for accountability but do I really want to workout with someone who is sooo  .. well better shape then me? 
Was that a judgemental comment? Am I being snobby? I'll be honest it isn't really that big of a deal to me it is just something new. I usually work/hang out with people who are more like me but I really don't want to judge people by their size because thats just not cool. 
I think that it might be a good idea, she is very into things that I am interested in trying, like biking, taking walks, and hiking. She will probably be a good influence. 
I'm pretty sure this blog is in the form of brain vomit and I apologize if it is hard to follow ; )

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I really should have started yesterday.

But I didn't. Right now as I sit on my couch typing on my macbook I am thinking about how I should really go for a run, or a walk, or something. I have been thinking about it for about an hour and basically I could have gone and been back by now. Pathetic.  It is my tom big time and I want nothing more then to eat my way through my entire pantry. Tomorrow I am going to have a plan. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Baby sister had a baby!!

Well mother's day was extra special this year, my only little sister had a baby girl! She was 7lbs 7oz and soo cute. Her name is Trinnity. I managed to stay op all week up until the last day at the hospital but all in all it was a good week. I definitely need to get some more activity this week and drink much more water.  
I present my teaching portfolio on Monday to see if I pass candidacy to get into a masters program. Fancy talk for doing a book of reflections and presenting a powerpoint. I am pretty nervous about it though because I hate presenting in front of people that I don't know. I am pretty confident that I will pass but it is still nerve racking. 
I guess that wraps up the weekend, here is to another good week.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I didn't quite have it in me to run today but I did go for  a nice long not to mention hilly walk. I figured it was a start and much better than sitting on the couch watching two and a half men.  I stayed op all day and so far this week has been going really well (I start my week on Monday). Yay for self control.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Mcslacker has got to start somewhere...

Even though finals week approaches I am going to focus on being a more heathy person. I am dedicating myself to my blog to keep myself honest and at some point that will include food journaling. I have to admit I hate veggies, so for me to admit what I really eat takes a lot of courage. I figure I will start out by posting how many points that I use each day. Here are my goals for the month
-drink more water
-Stay true and on plan. 
-Plan my weekly meals
-start c25k again. 
-Sign up for a 5k
Hopefully someone is reading my blog to cheer me on and help keep me honest. I can't give up if I know people are watching me!! Feel free to let me know you are out there even if it's just to say "hey read my blog too!"
Keep up the amazing work folks, we are worth it!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

couch to 5k?

Well I am considering getting back to running again. Finals week is next week and then my schedule should free up quite a bit. I am even thinking about signing up for a 5k in August to keep me motivated. My birthday is August 11th so it will almost be like a birthday victory run.
 Can I get in running shape in that short period of time? Well the couch to 5k says I can in nine weeks. Does anyone have any experience using that podcast? Can it really be done in 9 weeks if I commit myself to it? Any ideas of how to adjust my eating while running? I will most likely run in the evenings or late afternoon. Can I do it?

PS Mouse you are a huge inspiration to me and I hope you will read this and give me even more great advice!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Ok so this week was a bit of a false start. I managed to get back into the swing of things counting points and drinking water but then I fell a bit short towards the weekend. It happens and now I will start a fresh week. I went out and bought way too many groceries that will help me make good choices. Thats one thing that I love about ww every week is a new week and another chance to make better choices. 
On the exercise front I am shocked to be able to say that the husband has been convinced to try running with me. I think that it is a great way to lock myself into getting my exercise because it is something that we are doing  together and I know he won't go without me. 
Here I go again.