Sunday, May 4, 2008

couch to 5k?

Well I am considering getting back to running again. Finals week is next week and then my schedule should free up quite a bit. I am even thinking about signing up for a 5k in August to keep me motivated. My birthday is August 11th so it will almost be like a birthday victory run.
 Can I get in running shape in that short period of time? Well the couch to 5k says I can in nine weeks. Does anyone have any experience using that podcast? Can it really be done in 9 weeks if I commit myself to it? Any ideas of how to adjust my eating while running? I will most likely run in the evenings or late afternoon. Can I do it?

PS Mouse you are a huge inspiration to me and I hope you will read this and give me even more great advice!!

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marie said...

What advice do you need, my pet?

Get your butt in gear and train.
Sign up for that race. That's motivation enough if you ask me. That's NOT a short time. That's PLENTY of time.

Get on it.


Eat more whole foods and less processed and drink your water :)