Monday, May 5, 2008

Mcslacker has got to start somewhere...

Even though finals week approaches I am going to focus on being a more heathy person. I am dedicating myself to my blog to keep myself honest and at some point that will include food journaling. I have to admit I hate veggies, so for me to admit what I really eat takes a lot of courage. I figure I will start out by posting how many points that I use each day. Here are my goals for the month
-drink more water
-Stay true and on plan. 
-Plan my weekly meals
-start c25k again. 
-Sign up for a 5k
Hopefully someone is reading my blog to cheer me on and help keep me honest. I can't give up if I know people are watching me!! Feel free to let me know you are out there even if it's just to say "hey read my blog too!"
Keep up the amazing work folks, we are worth it!!


whats the skinny said...

sounds like a good, solid plan. good luck! i know you can do it!!

Hammer Down said...

Good luck getting motivated for movement ~ I need to do the same. I will keep reading as long as you continue posting...