Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas food coma..

Junk! The holiday junk is out of my system and I am ready for a new plan. My trouble time is the evening as it is for a lot of people and I tend to really waste a lot of points on junk that I do not need or even really want. So I am going back to a way of tracking that I have found really helpful in the past. I dont have a fancy name for it or know where I even got the idea but here it is.

I usually refer to it in my head as reverse tracking. I basically start my points day at dinner( or supper, the evening meal) time. Then if I want to snack in the evening then I know I am taking away points from the next day's breakfast or lunch. I also find it much easier to lighten my points on my breakfast/lunch meals than dinner. I think it will stop that mindless evening snacking because I am not out of points at the end of the day rather I am still counting my daily points.

It is kind of a pain to track online this way, I will basically be writing my dinner in the breakfast column. Well I guess its not that hard haha.

I weighed in at 175.8 this morning which was up 2lbs from 2 weeks ago. I plan to really get some veggies in this week and work on eating my breakfast again. Of course money is tight so it can be tough to get all those veggies but I am going to see what I can do.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Big news

SO the husband and I have decided that we will be starting our family, this summer. I am going to really focus, I need to be healthy and lose some weight before I have to gain it all back haha. In a seriousness it is true I do not want to get pregnant at this weight. I would like to drop at least 35lbs so that when I am pregnant I don't get much heavier than I am now.

Well thats the news, I cannot believe I am saying this! Wow, I better enjoy the time I have left!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Crappy blogger

Wow, I have been a really crappy blogger as of late. I could list 100 excuses but the truth is that I haven't been doing it. I haven't tracked a full week in over a month. This week has been bananas, I haven't even been trying. I keep trying to snap out of it but it just hasn't happened yet.

I really need to get it together. I have the next 2 weeks off, perfect timing for a revamping my eating. Of course there is that pesky Christmas thing to deal with but that's ok. I am going to try to see it as a challenge. There are 56 days until my cruise, enough said.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Hey guys! I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. All of my grad school assignments are done. I just have 1 week left of student teaching (until January) and 2 presentations to go. All the work for the presentations is done so I just have to present them no big deal really.

Weight wise I am back down to 173.8 as of this morning. Last week I didn't track or count at all. I ate out and had treats with no regard for points. Its kind of crazy. I am glad to be back down to my lower weight but it bothers me that when I try to follow the plan I don't lose then I have a week like the last one a drop 2lbs. It just doesn't make a lot of sense. It really makes me wonder about this program. It also makes me wonder if I am not getting enough points for my activity level during the day.

Goals for this week include:

relaxing (destressing)
taking my vitamins daily
tracking every day

Saturday, December 12, 2009

What? That won't fit you.

SO last night at dinner out with friends we were talking about what we were wearing to the holiday party we are throwing next week. My lovely, beautiful, thin, gorgeous friend Em says hey can I borrow that shirt it will go great my my skirt. My reply "this won't fit you" , "no seriously it is too big" She says "just give it to me, it will fit" Holy crap. There is no way we could fit into the same size come on. I will believe it when I see it. I will keep you posted.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Its amazing how easily we forget how far we have come. Today I picked up two ten pound weights and held them to my side. Wow, How did I manage to move around 20lbs heavier. I am still getting in my daily activity and this coming week will surely be a challenge!

I am doing my lead teaching this week which means that the classroom is basically mine. I am really excited and not nervous really at all. It helps that I have subbed in this classroom 3 times, so I have a good idea of what to expect. I will have 2 formal observations by supervisors and an end of the internship meeting next week. Busy times, but it will be fun.

I cannot wait until the next two weeks are over and then I will have 2 weeks off! Then 2 weeks of front-loading classes and a new internship. I will hopefully get to meet my new mentor teacher next week at some point. I'm not sure who it will be but I am ready to find out!

So in other words this coming week will be fun, scary, intense, tiring, and over in a flash.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

working out day 1

Day 1 - 30 minute walk, hills.

Thursday will be my rest day.

Cancel on the 10lbs

SO I have decided that losing 10lbs before Christmas would be fabulous BUT it really is not a healthy way to think about it. So I am changing my goal/bet with my husband. Instead I am going to focus on something I can control. I am going to aim for a positive.

I am going to workout 6 days a week until Christmas. If I stick to it I will get my mani/pedi right before we head up to see the family for Christmas. I am therefore rewarding something I can truely control.

I know myself and if I didn't get a good loss the first week then I would say screw it. Instead I am making a positive choice to be more healthy. I am not saying that all you guys who want to do the 10lbs are wrong or making a bad choice, just that I know myself. SO here is to being more active and hey maybe to losing 10lbs too!