Monday, June 25, 2012

Who loves Iced Coffee

We do over here for sure and while I do love other people making my coffee for me it gets really expensive. I have a confession, I am cheap but the one thing I spend money on frivolously is iced coffee. I like dunkin, timmy ho's, and starbucks. Up until a few months ago I could easily spent $30 a week buying coffee and so much more if I was traveling. What is it about traveling that makes you feel like you need to constantly have a cup of coffee in your cupholder? Anyways, moving on, I don't buy iced coffee anymore. Now before you freak out, I still get my iced coffee fix but now it costs me about 10 cents a cup. Okay you got me, I didn't actually do the math but I bet it is close. I've started making my iced coffee at home. Now stay with me, I am not doing the whole brew a hot coffee and cool it off deal because lets be honest that takes like crap. I found this recipe over at Pioneer woman's blog. I gave it a spin and honestly have never looked back. Even when we travel I pack my own iced coffee in a thermos and or cup. It is that good. The other bonus to making your own coffee at how besides the obvious money saving (1 pound of coffee gets me roughly 2 gallons of iced coffee) I can also control the amount of cream and sugar that I put in. I don't know about you but these places always screw up my coffee no matter how specific I am. I mean how hard is 2 creams, 2 sugars? That crap is premeasured, how do you mess that up? There is nothing worse than spending money on bad coffee. Anyways, that is a rant for another day. I like to control how my food/drink is made so this works great for me. I can calculate exactly how many points I want to "spend" on my coffee and some days I add less cream or sugar to lower my points. You could also use almond or soy milk instead of creamer. I am partial to half and half personally. So please save your waistline and your wallet and try this easy way to cold brew homemade iced coffee!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Feeling Good.

I am feeling soo good a few days into eating better/less. I know the weight watchers honeymoon won't last forever but for now I am doing well. It is reminding me of how hard it is to stock your food because I feel like I cant just eat anything out of the cupboard. I am trying to avoid buying 100 calorie packs and anything too processed. My grocery budget does not have a lot of wiggle room so I really need to plan. That is really the part I do not miss, having to plan everything that goes into my mouth. The baby is getting up sooo early lately. 5:30am is just not nice :( I am so grateful that I have such a supportive husband who takes his job as a dad/husband very seriously. I do not know what I would do without him <3

Friday, June 22, 2012

Back on the WWwagon.

A great friend of my recently sent me her weight watchers plus materials including the new points plus calculator. WW has been the only strategy in the past that has shown results for me. I am going to give it another go. I am combining ww with weekly goal setting. I found a goal chart in some healthy eating materials that my husband brought home from his nutrition class at work. It have 2 weeks of boxes and spots for 5 goals. Each day you check off the daily goals that you completed. My Goals - walk 30 minutes a day -get outside/read on my porch -drink 2 bottles of water a day -track my food -eat breakfast Pretty simple goals to hit everyday and although 2 bottles of water is barely meeting the recommended amount of water I should be drinking I wanted to set a goal that I was likely to be able to meet. Right now drinking any water during the day is challenging because I do not even think about it, so 2 bottles is a huge improvement. Now you probably don't know this but I am a huge list maker. I love checking items off of my to do list. I think this goal chart plays into my list making obsession. I know it is time to focus because my weight is not healthy and I am not setting a good example for my son. I feed him all fruit and veggies because I know that it is what is best for him right now, why don't I care enough about myself to eat better? As much as I want to believe that I can not change and the weight will magically disappear the truth is it hasn't happened yet. Right after having the baby I dropped weight at a 2-5lb loss a day. It was so amazing to see the scale go down every single day but in reality that will never happen again. I need to acknowledge that if I want to see change in my body I need to change my lifestyle.

hunger pangs

Is it okay to feel hungry? I have always feared my stomach rumbling like if I didn't eat right away I would starve. So, I know it is important to fuel your body and it is good to eat many small meals a day to keep hunger away but is there anything wrong with feeling a little hungry? Now I am not alluding to starving oneself. What I mean is it might be 10:30 and I am eating lunch around 12 is it okay to wait for lunch? I don't feel faint or sick. Just ever so often my stomach rumbles and I think "oh no I better eat". Instead I am going to try to wait, planning my meal, and eating at 12. Why are we so afraid of being hungry?