Monday, August 31, 2009


By the way I totally looked just like my Nike+ Mini while kayaking haha.

Friday, August 28, 2009


SO since my mini is not showing up on the sidebar I have the link to my run to prove I DID run! haha. It was a short one I am just trying to get back on track with my running so I did my own intervals of 1 and 2 minutes with one minute in between of walking.

I have tried using my nike+ for walking but I am going to take the do for a 3-4ish mile walk this afternoon and will try it out. I hope you all are enjoying your Friday. The weather is lovely here I hope it is the same for you!


I just realized that my Nike Mini is messed up it is saying it is set to private but I have it set to public. I am hoping when I put in my run today it will fix it!? Has it been like that long? Anybody notice?

I'm working on it...

I am in my running clothes right down to my sneakers. I decided that I wanted to finish my coffee and then I will run. To make sure this happens I put on my gear so now I am ready to get this done. I promise I will be running by 2.

That right Nike Mini so shut up! ; P

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thats it....

Thats it, I am throwing down my cards. I have been waiting for the urge to run. It hasn't come and I don't see it coming either. That being said, I WILL run tomorrow. I will. I swear. If I do not run tomorrow and report back to you guys about how amazing it was or if my mini doesn't say I ran than I give you FULL permission to leave me comments calling me awful names. I give you permission to come to my house and play drill sargent. I WILL RUN TOMORROW. I need to keep moving forward.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

school blues

I feel like I have been hit with a truck, I have a ton of work to do already and the semester is just starting. I have a long of long range projects which I stink at. I have such a hard time doing work a little at a time so I either end up waiting until the last minute or half assing it early without enough information. I have got to work on that.

Food has been decent but I have been eating a little too much of the good stuff. Still not exercising, just too stinking hot and tired. I have got to get an early morning routine going again. I used to feel so good getting up early and getting work accomplished. I love getting my workout out of the way too but man it is hard to get up when you know the first thing on your to do list is a run. Maybe I will start off with just getting up early and then progress to the working out.

Did I mention that my house is a mess again. I hate that. I am feeling a little walled in right now, I have got to break out of this. Friday I have a meeting for an hour or so then nothing so I think I will use that time to clean while the husband is at work.

I have to teach a lesson to my classmates Thursday (pretending that they are 3rd graders) as if that wasn't bad enough they are video taping it so we can watch and assess how we did. I HATE watching myself on tape, it is the worst. I am so not looking forward to that. I am not too anxious yet but I'm sure I will be a wreck. At least it will be in a small group and I planned my 6 minute lesson to be an activity for them with me simply guiding the activity.

Oh my is it Friday yet?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Goal about to be met.

I am very excited!!! As some of you might know or may have seen on my sidebar I have some life activity goals that I want to meet. One of them that I have wanted to get the courage to do was to go kayacking.

Guess what...I'm going next weekend!!!!!!! A few of my friends and I are all going to one of their parents home which is on Bar Harbor island. They have 5 kayaks for us to use so I am very excited!! I cannot wait to meet one of my activity goals. I have always felt too insecure or unfit to do things like kayaking.

Doing these activities that I see as "healthy people activities" makes me realize how much I have missed out being overweight and insecure. I cannot wait to go, wish for good weather!!

PS another goal of mine is to learn to snowboard and I made a new friend who used to teach snowboarding lesson, who has also graciously offer me free lessons and use of his extra board this winter!! Such a nice guy!

check in

Tomorrow is weigh in day, I checked in this morning and was glad to see that I am back to last weeks weigh in around the 176 area even close to the 175.

I realized that I have really no activity points banked from this week. That feels weird but I know its because it has just been unbearably hot here. I wish we had ac but we don't so I guess this is one of those times where having a gym membership would really be great. Oh well it just isn't worth the cost over the year considering how little I would use it.

I have plans. I am really looking forward to visiting family in November and being noticably smaller. I think in the past I have bounce around the 178-189 area but I think that if I can get to the 160 something range then they will notice the change.

I am so tired to being the one trying to lose weight, losing a little, then gaining it back. It makes me feel like a failure and I think that that is why this time is different. Every time I start to think "oh well I already screwed up I will jsut keep eating" I have been snapping myself out of it. Instead I think things like "well I just bought those size 12's so I better keep going so that they fit" or "this is not a choice I have to keep going". That is a big change in attitude. I AM doing it this time. I know that this is the time that will stick.

It is all about attitude, that is something that I have learned about myself. I know that if I am positive it is much easier. It is just like when you have a big(or any if you are me) loss at the scales the following week is so much more positive and easier to stay on track. So I am trying to keep that in mind, maybe you should too. Keep it positive!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ready set....go

Ok so I really didn't seem to get it together today. Lately things haven't been going terrible but not good either. I really need to refocus and plan. I need to get my activity in and stop eating out. I need to shop for groceries with a plan in mind. I have the day off tomorrow so I will be able to get some real thinking time in and make a good plan for the coming week. I need to do this, there is no going back now.

On a positive note I bought 2 more pairs of size 12's today!! Loving it. I do think that maybe it is just this brand that I am a 12 but you know what I will take it. It feels good to see some progress.

I have some home organizing to do to help with my refocusing. I need to clear my my life of clutter because I have a lot of work ahead of me with my student teaching and masters classes starting up (classes are already started, 6 hours a day until school starts) I need to be organized or this semester will get away from me.

I need to get my professional clothes ready, figure out what to pack for food while at school, and organize my desk so that it is ready to get some serious work done. I have to get ready. I also need to set a solid schedule for my weekly needs complete with study time and exercise time.

It is all about organization and planning for me! I have got to do it!

PS please let the heat/humidity go away!! I am ready for fall!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weird week.

Well last week was my birthday week so my eating was a little tough. This week started out with camping (I was forced for a class) during which I had no control over my foods but rather only portion control. So Wednesday (yesterday) was my first chance back to normalcy regarding food. Yesterday wasn't too bad but since it has been so overwhelmingly hot I ended up grazing a lot and going over my points without a feeling of being satisfied really at any point. Today was much of the same, I am just so tired and hot that I haven't got the energy to think about my eating.

I weighed myself this morning and it read up 4-5lbs WTF? I am not freaking out too much about it hoping that it is because I am super bloated and my tummy is quite upset. Hopefully I see a better number tomorrow morning.

I am hoping to gain some sort of control tomorrow. Here is hoping.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

400th post

It is hot!! I am feeling so tired and just sluggish! I want to eat a real meal but it is too hot to cook so I have ended up nibbling here and there leading to a few too many points and feeling pretty unsatisfied. I just wish this heat would break so that I can feel human again!

By the way this is my 400th post and I am only down 13lbs from my beginning weight. That is kind of a startling comparison. But I guess whats important is that I AM down and that is sucess. Hopefully but my 500th post I will be 50lbs down.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August Goals

Ok so I am a little late on the August goal setting but hey consider this my half month goals. My first priority is to get back into running on a more regular basis. I think I will really work on schedule, menu, and just basic planning. So here are my remainder of August goals.

1. Run every other day (3-4x's a week)
2. Wake up early (6:30 during the week, 7 on weekends)
3. Exercise first thing in the morning

I haven't been planning dinners lately it is just too hot to cook so it has been sandwiches, salads, cereal, and other quick and simple meals that require very little stove time. We have been just eating dinner when we are hungry instead of making one meal it is kind of a free for all.

It is so stinking hot here I can't take it. We live in an old building with no option of air conditioning, just fans blowing around the same hot air. I feel like I am just drained and my exercise is really hurting becasue of it. As I wrote in my goals I am going to really try to get my workout done in the am before it gets too hot. I looked at the forecast for tomorrow and it will already be in the mid 70's when I get up! ICK.

So tomorrow I will try it and see if it is cool enough to run either way I will be up early for a cold shower!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weird weigh in

SO today is my weigh in day, in anticipation of a bad number this morning due to going out last night I weighed myself yesterday. I stayed the same according to yesterdays weigh in. According to this morning I gained 4lbs haha. I am glad I made a point to weigh myself early!

It is still hard to believe that I ate/drank enough last night to show a spike in weight like that! Even though I know it isn't a real gain I will be glad when it goes away!!

I am chugging the water today and certainly watching my points. I am not however doing much in the way of moving! Ouch my head. Too much vodka , but a good time was had all around! I danced my booty off for a few hours so that is a plus. It was a hot evening though, I think I sweated a gallon an hour!

Well I am off to drink water and maybe nap! I <3 lazy Sundays!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Good jeans

I bought jeans in a size 12 today.....SIZE 12!! I haven't been in a 12 since high School! I'm wearing them tonight for my birthday celebration outting!! Yay!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I am three days into the week and already in the hole by 11 points. Ooops. Its my birthday!!

All about the jeans.

I am a size 14. I have no problem with my size, as a matter of fact if I tried on a 16 and it fit I wouldn't mind its just a number. Of course when you change sizes to smaller sizes it is nice. I went to American Eagle today to try on some jeans. I am a short girl so I try on the size there and then order them online in short length because they never have short size 14 in store.

I picked up 3 pairs of 14's and headed for the dressing room. As I slipped the first pair on I was surprised to see them button with ease. They fit good maybe even a little bit loose. Pair number 2 same story. By pair number 3 I was psyched. They all fit! I can remember when no pants fit me. When even 16's were out of the question. It is amazing to go into the dressing room and put on jeans that all fit. I was a happy girl.

When I got home I was thinking that I would hold off on ordering the jeans online. I think I am going to wait until I hit the 20lb down mark and then try them on in 12's. I can't wait to be able to wear a smaller size for one main reason. I hold most of my weight around my hips and waist so the thighs and bum of 14's are always a bit saggy. I think that the size 12's will fit the rest of my body much better.

So I will wait to order new pants until I can fit into 12's. I have plenty of 14's to hold me over.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Food, life, running

Food is ok I am really over my points today but that is what flex is for. I was a little high yesterday too but I have a plan. Tomorrow is my birthday therefore my birthday dinner, more on that later. I am planning on another high point day tomorrow and then I plan on keeping wed, th, and friday pretty low. Saturday is my celebratory night out with the girlies so probably another high point day. So to break it down it will look like this
Sun-medium high points
Tues- high
Wed- low
th- low
fri- low
Sat med high (lots of activity points for all the dancing I plan on doing!)

Overall I think it is a much better plan than previous years. In previous years I would have just said screw it, it is my birthday week I am going to eat all week like it is my job. I would eat EVERTHING I usually avoid. SO you see even if I go a little over this week, it is still much better management that previous years.

I still haven't run yet this week. oops. I have been getting some activity in but no running. Not sure what is up with that but I am waiting for the urge to run. One thing I have learned in my past tries at running it is that I can't force myself. Yeah I have to push through some tough runs but I do not want to make running a chore. As long as I am getting activity in in other ways I feel ok about taking my running training slow.

Tomorrow is a day of relaxing with a little bit of school work mixed in completed with a lovely birthday dinner. Sounds good, doesn't it!?!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weigh in

I am down 2lbs!! Thats bringing me to 176. Yay what a great week. I worked out a lot less than usual so I was a little shocked that the loss stuck. I even ate out this week!

I use a non digital scale so I tend to round down my pounds but to be honest I was really close to being at 175. I will save that joy for next week when I am all the way there.

I am psyched! This is how weight loss should be. I had this feeling that once I got away from the 180/181 spot that I have been stuck at forever that I would finally start to see some more steady progress. I am feeling good about this.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Little break

I feel like I am on a break right now. I am still eating within my points but I haven't run since Tuesday. I just haven't felt like it. Its ok though I have been dealing with a lot due to my last day at work. I think that the fact that I got my period on my last day helped me be extra emotional about the whole situation. I am still sad that my time there is over and that the center is closing but I have excepted that it is just a part life.

I weighed in down 2lbs this morning which is AMAZING. Hopefully it says the same tomorrow for my official weigh in!

I do have to admit I am a little worried about starting up this summer class that keeps me in the classroom from 9 to 4 all day mon through fri. 3 weeks of it. We are talking sitting for hours at a time. Yuck. I can't do it! I need to move around. I plan on getting up early and working out before class and hopefully walking durring the lunch break, which I assume I will get?!? It seems like it would be nessessary right? I will eat my packed lunch durring the class and walk durring the lunch block. Seems like a good plan since I will be in the class with my best friend so we can chat and walk. All of a sudden the class isn't looking so intimidating from a health point of veiw maybe it will actually prevent me from snacking on random junk all day. I can just pack healthy stuff and snack on that.

I am thinking I will run tomorrow. I need to pick up a pouch for my nike+ sensor so that I can stop just sticking it under my laces. I also need to calibrate it which seems like a pain in the butt but needs to be done reguardless.

Ok so long post, now I am off to relax, drink a diet coke, and watch Dexter.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My tummy hurts

It may be because it is 5pm and all I have eaten today is an ice cream cone.

Not hungry, just tired, and still a little sad.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How to say goodbye..

How do you say goodbye to the people you work with, people who are your friends? How do you say goodbye to preschool children who you love, whose knees you have bandaged and cheeks you have kissed. How do you say goodbye to a job that you love and watch them shut down the building. How does a college decide that closing the childcare center is a way to save money? A childcare center than has been open for over 30 years with many of the original teachers? How can I be proud of a Master's degree in Education from a college that closes a preschool. Don't they realize that they are hypocrites. I hate when money becomes for important than education.

I'm going to miss the hugs, jokes, and joy that you get from being with children. They are like my siblings and I am going to miss them so much. I have cried twice today at work. I hate this.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


So I am having a bit of a hard time moving on with the c25k program. I am still doing 3-5-3-5 intervals of running but it is so tough to get through the fives. I am wondering if I should cut back to the every other day running as the program is designed? I need to get activity every day though or else it is too easy for me to skip multiple days.

SO I need your help. Should I just keep pushing though running everyday? Or should I run one day then walk the next? I only have 30 minutes int eh morning to work out so walking seems like a waste of a work out when I can burn more calories running intervals? Or I guess I could just running many short intervals on my off program days.

I dunno someone please help! I need your opinions! BTW I have 50 followers as of today someone has got to have an experience that might help me!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Good day so far

As you can see from my Nike+ mini I got up early today and went for my run before work. It really helps me feel good about my day but man I have been hungry! I definitely felt more energized and got my water in easily. So I will try it again tomorrow and hopefully it sticks. It was pretty convenient that Amy's Challenge this week was to get up early and work out.

Food was decent today however as we speak a pizza is being delivered! Its ok it is thin crust cheese pizza from a new place down the block. We have ordered from them 2 times so far and the pizza is really interesting there is actual tomato in the sauce, light amount of cheese, and the crust isn't greasy at all. It seems pretty healthy as far as pizza goes. It is a small buisiness so there is no nutritional information available yet.

All in all a good day so far.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Seeing stupid before it happens

So my birthday is in August and I have planned a pretty decent get together at a restaurant and we are drinking and dancing. It should be a whole lot of fun. My friend is also moving back home too. I was just thinking about that week and had such a stupid thought.

Are you ready for this? I thought "well that is a week lost" meaning that I wasn't even going to try to stay on track how effed up is that? In reality I just need to work out and use my weeklies. I need to be careful of my diet the rest of the week to make up for the dinners out and the margaritas. Isn't that the whole point of ww? Live your life and still lose weight.

I do realize that my party is Saturday night and my weigh in is Sunday so a loss might not happen with all the salty food but thats ok Maybe I will even weigh in a day early so that the sodium doesn't effect the scale. Either way I can handle this.

1lbs down and setting goal

SO I weighed in this morning 1lb down which is super sweet. I am happy with that for sure. I also set my goal for weight watchers (online) and decided that I was going to set a goal weight that I would be happy at not necessarily with in the ranges they set. I decided on 135 for my goal. WW says I need to be 132 for a healthy BMI but I like 135 better, 132 seems odd.

I think that it is a weight that I would be happy with but it isn't my true dream weight. If I could really pick any number that sounds ideal it would be in the 120's but it is not a necessity. I have always thought that the 120's were impossible to reach, maybe this shows that I still do. I do not want to hate myself because I cannot get to 129 when getting to the 130's is incredibly impressive to me. SO that all being said I plan on 135 but I will reevaluate when I get there.

Right now as I lose the bulk of my weight the number is important to me it makes me feel like I am making progress. The closer that I get to the goal I am sure I will rely on it less and rely on how I feel more. That is simply where I am right now and I am ok with it.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

July Workout calendar

Here is my work out calendar for July not as good as June but still pretty impressive for me. R=running, S= Shredding, swim=swimming and W=walking

Note to self...

Watching Man vs Food is not helpful when all the foods on the show are a bazillion calories and look delicious.

That being said as much as I want to hit the local diner asap instead I said to the husband "we should hit the grocery store and make burgers for dinner" How is that for progress? I am proud.