Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weigh in

I am down 2lbs!! Thats bringing me to 176. Yay what a great week. I worked out a lot less than usual so I was a little shocked that the loss stuck. I even ate out this week!

I use a non digital scale so I tend to round down my pounds but to be honest I was really close to being at 175. I will save that joy for next week when I am all the way there.

I am psyched! This is how weight loss should be. I had this feeling that once I got away from the 180/181 spot that I have been stuck at forever that I would finally start to see some more steady progress. I am feeling good about this.


Crystal said...

Congratulations on such a wicked loss ... you're doing amazing!!

Beth said...

That's excellent! You're probably right that the scale will start moving now.