Saturday, August 8, 2009

Little break

I feel like I am on a break right now. I am still eating within my points but I haven't run since Tuesday. I just haven't felt like it. Its ok though I have been dealing with a lot due to my last day at work. I think that the fact that I got my period on my last day helped me be extra emotional about the whole situation. I am still sad that my time there is over and that the center is closing but I have excepted that it is just a part life.

I weighed in down 2lbs this morning which is AMAZING. Hopefully it says the same tomorrow for my official weigh in!

I do have to admit I am a little worried about starting up this summer class that keeps me in the classroom from 9 to 4 all day mon through fri. 3 weeks of it. We are talking sitting for hours at a time. Yuck. I can't do it! I need to move around. I plan on getting up early and working out before class and hopefully walking durring the lunch break, which I assume I will get?!? It seems like it would be nessessary right? I will eat my packed lunch durring the class and walk durring the lunch block. Seems like a good plan since I will be in the class with my best friend so we can chat and walk. All of a sudden the class isn't looking so intimidating from a health point of veiw maybe it will actually prevent me from snacking on random junk all day. I can just pack healthy stuff and snack on that.

I am thinking I will run tomorrow. I need to pick up a pouch for my nike+ sensor so that I can stop just sticking it under my laces. I also need to calibrate it which seems like a pain in the butt but needs to be done reguardless.

Ok so long post, now I am off to relax, drink a diet coke, and watch Dexter.


starfish264 said...

Super kudos to you for making it through the closing of the centre and sticking to plan. Definitely shows your shift away from focusing stuff around food. Also, a good plan for walking during lunch break - I do that sometimes, and it's nice just to get out and get a bit of sunshine and fresh air.

I waaaay jealous of your fancy Nike+ gadget - I'd quite like to know what I'm doing with my running.

Amanda McQueen said...

It sounds like you've really got a plan! Its ok to take a break every now and then, we all get burned out from time to time.