Friday, August 21, 2009

Ready set....go

Ok so I really didn't seem to get it together today. Lately things haven't been going terrible but not good either. I really need to refocus and plan. I need to get my activity in and stop eating out. I need to shop for groceries with a plan in mind. I have the day off tomorrow so I will be able to get some real thinking time in and make a good plan for the coming week. I need to do this, there is no going back now.

On a positive note I bought 2 more pairs of size 12's today!! Loving it. I do think that maybe it is just this brand that I am a 12 but you know what I will take it. It feels good to see some progress.

I have some home organizing to do to help with my refocusing. I need to clear my my life of clutter because I have a lot of work ahead of me with my student teaching and masters classes starting up (classes are already started, 6 hours a day until school starts) I need to be organized or this semester will get away from me.

I need to get my professional clothes ready, figure out what to pack for food while at school, and organize my desk so that it is ready to get some serious work done. I have to get ready. I also need to set a solid schedule for my weekly needs complete with study time and exercise time.

It is all about organization and planning for me! I have got to do it!

PS please let the heat/humidity go away!! I am ready for fall!

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Bri said...

I swear being organized in your personal life makes all the difference in our weight loss attempts! When I have a messy house and tons of paperwork that I've been ignoring, it makes me not care about the food I put into my body either!

Good luck getting organized this week!