Saturday, August 22, 2009

Goal about to be met.

I am very excited!!! As some of you might know or may have seen on my sidebar I have some life activity goals that I want to meet. One of them that I have wanted to get the courage to do was to go kayacking.

Guess what...I'm going next weekend!!!!!!! A few of my friends and I are all going to one of their parents home which is on Bar Harbor island. They have 5 kayaks for us to use so I am very excited!! I cannot wait to meet one of my activity goals. I have always felt too insecure or unfit to do things like kayaking.

Doing these activities that I see as "healthy people activities" makes me realize how much I have missed out being overweight and insecure. I cannot wait to go, wish for good weather!!

PS another goal of mine is to learn to snowboard and I made a new friend who used to teach snowboarding lesson, who has also graciously offer me free lessons and use of his extra board this winter!! Such a nice guy!

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Anonymous said...

I can totally relate with feelings of being to unfit/fat to try activities that you have always wanted to do. Isn't it incredible what our weight can stop us from doing. That has been one of my biggest regrets - that i let the fat get in my way. Kayaking is awesome, so enjoy. Snowboarding - sore but, wrists and head after a few falls. My suggestion is to wear wrist guards/helmut when you try that one!