Saturday, August 22, 2009

check in

Tomorrow is weigh in day, I checked in this morning and was glad to see that I am back to last weeks weigh in around the 176 area even close to the 175.

I realized that I have really no activity points banked from this week. That feels weird but I know its because it has just been unbearably hot here. I wish we had ac but we don't so I guess this is one of those times where having a gym membership would really be great. Oh well it just isn't worth the cost over the year considering how little I would use it.

I have plans. I am really looking forward to visiting family in November and being noticably smaller. I think in the past I have bounce around the 178-189 area but I think that if I can get to the 160 something range then they will notice the change.

I am so tired to being the one trying to lose weight, losing a little, then gaining it back. It makes me feel like a failure and I think that that is why this time is different. Every time I start to think "oh well I already screwed up I will jsut keep eating" I have been snapping myself out of it. Instead I think things like "well I just bought those size 12's so I better keep going so that they fit" or "this is not a choice I have to keep going". That is a big change in attitude. I AM doing it this time. I know that this is the time that will stick.

It is all about attitude, that is something that I have learned about myself. I know that if I am positive it is much easier. It is just like when you have a big(or any if you are me) loss at the scales the following week is so much more positive and easier to stay on track. So I am trying to keep that in mind, maybe you should too. Keep it positive!

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