Tuesday, August 4, 2009


So I am having a bit of a hard time moving on with the c25k program. I am still doing 3-5-3-5 intervals of running but it is so tough to get through the fives. I am wondering if I should cut back to the every other day running as the program is designed? I need to get activity every day though or else it is too easy for me to skip multiple days.

SO I need your help. Should I just keep pushing though running everyday? Or should I run one day then walk the next? I only have 30 minutes int eh morning to work out so walking seems like a waste of a work out when I can burn more calories running intervals? Or I guess I could just running many short intervals on my off program days.

I dunno someone please help! I need your opinions! BTW I have 50 followers as of today someone has got to have an experience that might help me!


dani31608 said...

I'm not familiar with the exact details of the C25K so don't think I know what I'm talking about, really.

But ... I do intervals at the gym (well, not this week because life sucks!) and I simply can't do the same intensity every day. I feel like I can't get any rest in between high intensity days.

Every other day, if it was me, I'd probably do 3-3-3-3, if necessary to do so in order to feel rested and see progress.

I think just walking wouldn't be intense enough but who knows? If you are getting your work outs at the gym, maybe walk every other day but crank up the incline? I know I did that one week and I was sore in places I didn't even know could be sore ... simply from raising the incline on the treadmill!

Either way, keep up the good work! I'm living vicariously through you as I am stuck at home tending nonstop to a sick kidlet. =P

Anonymous said...

Don't burn yourself out! I would alternate between running the intervals and walking or changing things up in a different way. Try doing the program on alternate days and see if that helps.

Good luck :)

(first time reader, first time commenter - can't remember how I found your blog!)

H-woman said...

If you walk fast enough to get your heart rate up and keep it up, walk. It sounds like you're pushing too much. If the program says every other day, do every other day. More doesn't necessarily = better. Cross train--bike or swim or walk or weight train.

My $0.02.

Food Coma said...

Dani. I agree I did do 3's yesterday to cut down.
I also think that I will try alternating days with some other sort of activity, most likely walking on my treadmill. Since I dont go to a gym it is my main piece of equipment. I will see if that helps.

Bri said...

I didn't follow the plan's every other day pattern in lieu of just running every day as a form of exercise and I ended up with killer shin splints that I am STILL dealing with 4-5 months later- they get me every time I try to run now. I say do every other and supplement with something more low-impact on the off days- a class, or DVD or something!