Tuesday, August 25, 2009

school blues

I feel like I have been hit with a truck, I have a ton of work to do already and the semester is just starting. I have a long of long range projects which I stink at. I have such a hard time doing work a little at a time so I either end up waiting until the last minute or half assing it early without enough information. I have got to work on that.

Food has been decent but I have been eating a little too much of the good stuff. Still not exercising, just too stinking hot and tired. I have got to get an early morning routine going again. I used to feel so good getting up early and getting work accomplished. I love getting my workout out of the way too but man it is hard to get up when you know the first thing on your to do list is a run. Maybe I will start off with just getting up early and then progress to the working out.

Did I mention that my house is a mess again. I hate that. I am feeling a little walled in right now, I have got to break out of this. Friday I have a meeting for an hour or so then nothing so I think I will use that time to clean while the husband is at work.

I have to teach a lesson to my classmates Thursday (pretending that they are 3rd graders) as if that wasn't bad enough they are video taping it so we can watch and assess how we did. I HATE watching myself on tape, it is the worst. I am so not looking forward to that. I am not too anxious yet but I'm sure I will be a wreck. At least it will be in a small group and I planned my 6 minute lesson to be an activity for them with me simply guiding the activity.

Oh my is it Friday yet?

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