Sunday, January 27, 2008

What do you think about?

Katie from the sister skinny blog really got me thinking about the things you think about when you are running. Is is grocery lists, 2 more miles, I can do it, Oh man 10 more minutes?
Tonight while running something was stuck in my head, I think that it was a add or commercial that I saw, it was the idea that every step I take or every run I finish I am that much healthier. For example I was thinking "I am now 50 steps healthier, I am now four runs healthier" you get the idea.
I also tend to think about all the things that I have done to keep going. I can also use my running as an accomplishment such as "I ran last night, taking these stairs is nothing." or "I ran last night, I can handle writing this paper no problem." It really is an amazing feeling. So what do you think about?

Week two......

Week two of the couch to 5k started today. It is freezing out here and I have to say running with snow on the road is a beast. But.. I did it anyways and I feel really good about it. I can really relate to people who talk about exercise in general being a good stress reliever because I am really trying to use my running time as a way to clear my head. There is a lot going on with me right now between school, work, husband, dog, and taking my driving test...yeah I'm a 25 year old without a license but hey I'm working on it! Time to drink some water and eat some kind of dinner.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


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Great night = bad morning.

Girl's night out was a blast. Let me start out by saying that I do not go out very often at all and in general I don't even drink. So when I was invited to go out with the girls I kind of went back and forth about it. Drinks = points and a lot of money too. Regardless of all that I decided to go anyways and I had a really good time. Lots of dancing helped with the points issue but now I am stuck on my couch with the hangover from hell, crap. I will go running today, I have new shoes to break in and aps to earn. It is really strange to me that I went from never running to thinking that if I'm hungover then I won't be able to run.

I still went for my run this evening even though I was still a bit sick. Yay Go ME!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

These shoes were made for running.

I got new sneakers....they are super cute. I guess if I want to be a runner I should have the appropriate footwear and if they just so happen to be really cute then thats just a bonus. I am also aware that by knowing that I get to wear such adorable footwear when I run might make me want to run even more. It's a theory. I would also like to add that I got these Mizuno sneakers for $25 what a steal!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

And I ran...I ran so far away......

Ok so that was corny but it popped into my head and maybe made some other geek laugh too. So I ran again last night and it was good. I realize that it is still early in the game to say that I am addicted to running but I do look forward to running again tomorrow. I do need to go pick up some new sneakers on Friday because I can tell the ones I have are just too worn out. Any tips on sneakers would be lovely.
On a food note..I have to say that getting back to school sucks and the food that they offer there is basically just short of a heart attack on a plate. The only healthy thing that they serve is a pack of celery and carrots (at $2.89) it is horrid. I have check the nutrition info that they offer online and I can say that there is nothing there even worth eating. Obviously this leaves me packing a ton of food to carry around all day and hoping that my ice packs last. Ah well I guess I will pack my stuff for tomorrow and quit whining.

Monday, January 21, 2008

I ran and it was good.

So around 6:30 last night I stepped out into the 19 degree weather and I was really actually excited to work out. I did the first week running routine and it wasn't necessarily easy but I was capable of doing it. It felt good to be able to complete the entire set of intervals and still be able to walk today. Wednesday I run again, unfortunately I do not get out of class until 6:40 so it will be a push for me to do it.
I weighed in today very nervously because my scale has been all over the place this week. My main desire was "please just don't let me gain" and I was down .2 so I'll take it. Next week hopefully will yield better results.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

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I'm going to be a runner....

So after some great advice from a little mouse ( I have decided to try running. She led to to check out a podcast called couch to 5k that has me quite intrigued. It seems to be a plan that is slow and steady and promises that after 9 weeks I should be able to run a 5k. Woo, that is really exciting. Basically in a little over two months, training 3 days a week I can be a RUNNER! Tonight is night one of week one and I will post my feelings about it tomorrow which by the way is also my weigh in day.

Friday, January 18, 2008

I want to be a runner..

I admire runners, not professional athletes but everyday normal people runners. I really admire people who are not your typical runners (98lbs soaking wet), the ones who are like me. It makes me realize that I could be a runner. I'll be honest I have tried before to just up some sort of on and off walk/run routine on the treadmill but it just didn't give me that gratification that it seems other runners get. Maybe I need to be an outdoor runner or maybe I just don't have the running gene. Sometimes I will randomly think "man I kinda want to go for a run" but I always talk myself out of it thinking that it is too much effort to get geared up, what if people see me, what if I can't run very far, or anything else that could possibly get in my way. Oh please let me be one of those who become completely addicted to running. How far do I have to run or push myself to get that runners high?

"I'm dieting" she said.

So it's 8 o'clock and you are at work just staying busy and your boss walks in announcing "I'm officially dieting". Ok, thats cool because you can always use a little more support especially at work. Then thirty minutes later you see her pull the biggest cinnamon roll you have ever seen out of a little white paper bag. Ahh, umm, what? I understand that sometimes when you are dieting you splurge a little and it balances out but not usually on the very first day and definitely not right after announcing to everyone your new plan. I wanted to be supportive but how do you respond to that? I didn't comment. In my head I was thinking "do I tell her how bad that is?" I guess I am being a little judgmental but I really just want to help her in anyway that I can, maybe she is just unaware of the nutritional content of that giant ball of fat and sugar. Don't get me wrong I'm sure it was delicious. Does anyone have a healthier version of a cinnimon roll that I could maybe share with her?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I hate that number...

Did you ever have this one number on the scale that won't go away? I have this one number and can't seem to escape it. It seems that even when I weigh in less the next week I am back to that same damn number. The last time I dropped out of weight watchers I was at "the number" then gained a little and now back on track I am once again stuck. In my mind it is an evil number. Someday that number will be so far away from where I am and then I can let it go. Maybe in 10lbs that number won't be so evil to me, maybe it will always be.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Stats......

So if I am choosing to use this blog to encourage my weight loss efforts so I suppose that means it is important to give The Stats. Weight, height, goals. It's a scary thing to just put it all out there, even my husband is a little blurry on these details. Maybe I need to make this blog more anonymous or at least less obvious. Why is it that as a woman I am so ashamed, its not like people who see me think that I weight 120lbs, lets be honest they know. I can hide certain areas under sweatshirts or with layering but there is really only so much that a hoodie can do.But today I will keep things under wraps for a little longer because I'm not quite ready to let it all out. I am such a wimp.

Today is my actual weight in day. I am unfortunately not going to make it due to really bad weather and I am ok with it. Although I have had an overall good week, including 3 actual workouts and not even using all my extra weekly points, I am still not losing. These are the weeks that will drive you crazy. It is way too early for me to be hitting a plateau since I have only lost about 9lbs since rejoining weight watchers. I would be very happy even just for a one pound loss, that is not asking much. Ok so I am a bit of a whiner today. Atleast now I have an extra week to get busy and drop a couple lbs. SO that leads me to a goal. By weigh in next week I would like to lose 2lbs and in turn move into a new weight bracket not to mention exceed the 10lb milestone.

My Food Coma

Being a weight watchers member is like being in a constant food coma. Of course you can eat what you want but in order to easily stay with in your points boundaries you end up choosing a lot of bland boring foods. So everyone who is reading this, yeah all 3 of you are probably thinking "thanks for stating the obvious" but I guess for a first post it is important to layout my what I am feeling right now. I am a two time weight watchers drop out but I keep going back. I know that it's because I chose to give up that I failed those times. Now I am back and ready to do it this time. My new years resolution is to not have a weight loss resolution next year. I am hoping that this blog is a key to my future success and if I can make a few people laugh or feel better along the way then that is awesome too.