Monday, January 14, 2008

The Stats......

So if I am choosing to use this blog to encourage my weight loss efforts so I suppose that means it is important to give The Stats. Weight, height, goals. It's a scary thing to just put it all out there, even my husband is a little blurry on these details. Maybe I need to make this blog more anonymous or at least less obvious. Why is it that as a woman I am so ashamed, its not like people who see me think that I weight 120lbs, lets be honest they know. I can hide certain areas under sweatshirts or with layering but there is really only so much that a hoodie can do.But today I will keep things under wraps for a little longer because I'm not quite ready to let it all out. I am such a wimp.

Today is my actual weight in day. I am unfortunately not going to make it due to really bad weather and I am ok with it. Although I have had an overall good week, including 3 actual workouts and not even using all my extra weekly points, I am still not losing. These are the weeks that will drive you crazy. It is way too early for me to be hitting a plateau since I have only lost about 9lbs since rejoining weight watchers. I would be very happy even just for a one pound loss, that is not asking much. Ok so I am a bit of a whiner today. Atleast now I have an extra week to get busy and drop a couple lbs. SO that leads me to a goal. By weigh in next week I would like to lose 2lbs and in turn move into a new weight bracket not to mention exceed the 10lb milestone.

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Roni said...

Hey the blog is for you so you can share as much or as little that you want. That's the cool thing about them.

Glad to see you joined us weight loss bloggers!