Wednesday, January 23, 2008

And I ran...I ran so far away......

Ok so that was corny but it popped into my head and maybe made some other geek laugh too. So I ran again last night and it was good. I realize that it is still early in the game to say that I am addicted to running but I do look forward to running again tomorrow. I do need to go pick up some new sneakers on Friday because I can tell the ones I have are just too worn out. Any tips on sneakers would be lovely.
On a food note..I have to say that getting back to school sucks and the food that they offer there is basically just short of a heart attack on a plate. The only healthy thing that they serve is a pack of celery and carrots (at $2.89) it is horrid. I have check the nutrition info that they offer online and I can say that there is nothing there even worth eating. Obviously this leaves me packing a ton of food to carry around all day and hoping that my ice packs last. Ah well I guess I will pack my stuff for tomorrow and quit whining.

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