Friday, January 18, 2008

I want to be a runner..

I admire runners, not professional athletes but everyday normal people runners. I really admire people who are not your typical runners (98lbs soaking wet), the ones who are like me. It makes me realize that I could be a runner. I'll be honest I have tried before to just up some sort of on and off walk/run routine on the treadmill but it just didn't give me that gratification that it seems other runners get. Maybe I need to be an outdoor runner or maybe I just don't have the running gene. Sometimes I will randomly think "man I kinda want to go for a run" but I always talk myself out of it thinking that it is too much effort to get geared up, what if people see me, what if I can't run very far, or anything else that could possibly get in my way. Oh please let me be one of those who become completely addicted to running. How far do I have to run or push myself to get that runners high?