Monday, January 14, 2008

My Food Coma

Being a weight watchers member is like being in a constant food coma. Of course you can eat what you want but in order to easily stay with in your points boundaries you end up choosing a lot of bland boring foods. So everyone who is reading this, yeah all 3 of you are probably thinking "thanks for stating the obvious" but I guess for a first post it is important to layout my what I am feeling right now. I am a two time weight watchers drop out but I keep going back. I know that it's because I chose to give up that I failed those times. Now I am back and ready to do it this time. My new years resolution is to not have a weight loss resolution next year. I am hoping that this blog is a key to my future success and if I can make a few people laugh or feel better along the way then that is awesome too.

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