Sunday, January 27, 2008

What do you think about?

Katie from the sister skinny blog really got me thinking about the things you think about when you are running. Is is grocery lists, 2 more miles, I can do it, Oh man 10 more minutes?
Tonight while running something was stuck in my head, I think that it was a add or commercial that I saw, it was the idea that every step I take or every run I finish I am that much healthier. For example I was thinking "I am now 50 steps healthier, I am now four runs healthier" you get the idea.
I also tend to think about all the things that I have done to keep going. I can also use my running as an accomplishment such as "I ran last night, taking these stairs is nothing." or "I ran last night, I can handle writing this paper no problem." It really is an amazing feeling. So what do you think about?

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