Friday, February 1, 2008

It's just driving...

So I am a 25yr old who doesn't have her license yet. Yet is the key word because on Thursday Feb 7 I will take my driving test. Don't get me wrong, I can drive. I have been driving for years with a permit but I just never got around to taking the final test.
Driving is really an exciting thing for me because it will allow me to become more independent especially in my weight loss. I will be able to drive to the gym and not have to rely on a "workout buddy" because you know they always give up a week in to the plan. I am sick of having to abandon my gym workout just because I can't get there. It may seem that I am just using the ride thing as an excuse but when my gym was a block away (it closed) I went almost everyday and sometimes even twice a day!
So think of me on Thursday and send me good driving vibes!

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