Sunday, February 17, 2008

Free Registration or Get Out of Jail Free card?

So this free registration thing is really great for those who want to give weigh watchers a try but for me it is kinda like a get out of jail free card. Since it is free registration it means that if I miss a week I don't have to pay for it. Even though I have been on plan all week I think that I have still not lost any more weight. That being the case I am thinking I might miss my meeting tomorrow. I hate paying to find out that once again I haven't lost any weight.
I am feeling a bit low about my lack of weight loss and I a trying really hard to not let it get me down. I am actually really proud of how I ate this week I had used up all my "bonus" points by valentines day and had to really stick to a small point budget for the rest of the week. I did stick to the plan but usually when I am low on points I just give up but not this week.
I'm on break this week YAY! even though I still have to work not having classes is a nice break and will allow me to schedule in the gym. I am hoping that going to the gym this week will get me in the groove to fit it in my school schedule as well. Ok. good luck to me!

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Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Maybe you should go and just not weigh in? Sometimes it helps to attend a meeting... just to keep yourself headed in the right direction... GREAT JOB staying on plan this week... that's way more than I can say for SOME people (me) ;)