Sunday, February 10, 2008

Maybe tomorow I will...

Ok so maybe I fell off the ww wagon again and maybe it was for a couple weeks but really it was just not fully counting points but in the end I really haven't lost any weight. Or gained. It seems that every once and a while I get a little peeved at counting and writing and basically thinking about everything I put in my mouth. I do have to note that I have been eating pretty normally and not going completely overboard with junk. I think I just get really discouraged because I haven't lost any weight in a while...a long while. I really don't think that 16 weeks and 9 lbs evens out. I could quit. I would save money and get to eat junk. I'm NOT going to quit! I refuse to quit. I am back, I am on plan, and I am freaking committed. I weigh in tomorrow and I am using it as a starting weight instead of being irritated that it isn't any lower (it shouldn't be anyways) I am going ot except that number and move on. It is a new week. That is one thing that I love about ww, every week is a new week. Can you feel it? Yeh that is the first week on plan enthusiasm and I am going to use it for all it's worth. Yay, celery! yeah right.

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