Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Points...what points?

So I've done it again, I got stressed and sick. I am soo focused on my driving test that I have completely avoided counting my points lately. My other excuse is that I have just been so busy/stressed with school and work which is normal but once you add the driving test to the mix I simply have no room to even think about counting points. Don't get me wrong I have been eating just as I usually do, nothing outrageously horrible. To top it all off I caught a stomach bug that has been circulating around the preschool that I work at.
It almost seems like the energy that I usually put towards counting points and exercise for that matter has been all used up thinking about being sick, school, and this damn driving test. So as all weight watchers members say at some point....I'll be back on plan tomorrow. In my case after my driving test tomorrow evening. I could get back on plan right NOW as I am realizing what I am doing. However I plan on eating a good dinner tonight and a planned out lunch tomorrow but I will start counting again on Friday. I also need to get back to my couch to 5k program again.
Please excuse all my excuses. At least I am accountable for them.

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