Sunday, August 2, 2009

1lbs down and setting goal

SO I weighed in this morning 1lb down which is super sweet. I am happy with that for sure. I also set my goal for weight watchers (online) and decided that I was going to set a goal weight that I would be happy at not necessarily with in the ranges they set. I decided on 135 for my goal. WW says I need to be 132 for a healthy BMI but I like 135 better, 132 seems odd.

I think that it is a weight that I would be happy with but it isn't my true dream weight. If I could really pick any number that sounds ideal it would be in the 120's but it is not a necessity. I have always thought that the 120's were impossible to reach, maybe this shows that I still do. I do not want to hate myself because I cannot get to 129 when getting to the 130's is incredibly impressive to me. SO that all being said I plan on 135 but I will reevaluate when I get there.

Right now as I lose the bulk of my weight the number is important to me it makes me feel like I am making progress. The closer that I get to the goal I am sure I will rely on it less and rely on how I feel more. That is simply where I am right now and I am ok with it.

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