Monday, August 10, 2009

Food, life, running

Food is ok I am really over my points today but that is what flex is for. I was a little high yesterday too but I have a plan. Tomorrow is my birthday therefore my birthday dinner, more on that later. I am planning on another high point day tomorrow and then I plan on keeping wed, th, and friday pretty low. Saturday is my celebratory night out with the girlies so probably another high point day. So to break it down it will look like this
Sun-medium high points
Tues- high
Wed- low
th- low
fri- low
Sat med high (lots of activity points for all the dancing I plan on doing!)

Overall I think it is a much better plan than previous years. In previous years I would have just said screw it, it is my birthday week I am going to eat all week like it is my job. I would eat EVERTHING I usually avoid. SO you see even if I go a little over this week, it is still much better management that previous years.

I still haven't run yet this week. oops. I have been getting some activity in but no running. Not sure what is up with that but I am waiting for the urge to run. One thing I have learned in my past tries at running it is that I can't force myself. Yeah I have to push through some tough runs but I do not want to make running a chore. As long as I am getting activity in in other ways I feel ok about taking my running training slow.

Tomorrow is a day of relaxing with a little bit of school work mixed in completed with a lovely birthday dinner. Sounds good, doesn't it!?!


totegirl said...

Good plan chick! Have you tried just getting out there on a run? Sometimes if you just do 5 minutes, your mood might change. It sometimes works for me, but mostly when it comes to going to the gym.

Happy early birthday!!!! Where's the bday dinner?

Food Coma said...

It is a restaurant called Margaritas. Mexican food (I get a salad with grilled chicken) and of course margaritas!