Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August Goals

Ok so I am a little late on the August goal setting but hey consider this my half month goals. My first priority is to get back into running on a more regular basis. I think I will really work on schedule, menu, and just basic planning. So here are my remainder of August goals.

1. Run every other day (3-4x's a week)
2. Wake up early (6:30 during the week, 7 on weekends)
3. Exercise first thing in the morning

I haven't been planning dinners lately it is just too hot to cook so it has been sandwiches, salads, cereal, and other quick and simple meals that require very little stove time. We have been just eating dinner when we are hungry instead of making one meal it is kind of a free for all.

It is so stinking hot here I can't take it. We live in an old building with no option of air conditioning, just fans blowing around the same hot air. I feel like I am just drained and my exercise is really hurting becasue of it. As I wrote in my goals I am going to really try to get my workout done in the am before it gets too hot. I looked at the forecast for tomorrow and it will already be in the mid 70's when I get up! ICK.

So tomorrow I will try it and see if it is cool enough to run either way I will be up early for a cold shower!

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