Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weird weigh in

SO today is my weigh in day, in anticipation of a bad number this morning due to going out last night I weighed myself yesterday. I stayed the same according to yesterdays weigh in. According to this morning I gained 4lbs haha. I am glad I made a point to weigh myself early!

It is still hard to believe that I ate/drank enough last night to show a spike in weight like that! Even though I know it isn't a real gain I will be glad when it goes away!!

I am chugging the water today and certainly watching my points. I am not however doing much in the way of moving! Ouch my head. Too much vodka , but a good time was had all around! I danced my booty off for a few hours so that is a plus. It was a hot evening though, I think I sweated a gallon an hour!

Well I am off to drink water and maybe nap! I <3 lazy Sundays!

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