Monday, June 25, 2012

Who loves Iced Coffee

We do over here for sure and while I do love other people making my coffee for me it gets really expensive. I have a confession, I am cheap but the one thing I spend money on frivolously is iced coffee. I like dunkin, timmy ho's, and starbucks. Up until a few months ago I could easily spent $30 a week buying coffee and so much more if I was traveling. What is it about traveling that makes you feel like you need to constantly have a cup of coffee in your cupholder? Anyways, moving on, I don't buy iced coffee anymore. Now before you freak out, I still get my iced coffee fix but now it costs me about 10 cents a cup. Okay you got me, I didn't actually do the math but I bet it is close. I've started making my iced coffee at home. Now stay with me, I am not doing the whole brew a hot coffee and cool it off deal because lets be honest that takes like crap. I found this recipe over at Pioneer woman's blog. I gave it a spin and honestly have never looked back. Even when we travel I pack my own iced coffee in a thermos and or cup. It is that good. The other bonus to making your own coffee at how besides the obvious money saving (1 pound of coffee gets me roughly 2 gallons of iced coffee) I can also control the amount of cream and sugar that I put in. I don't know about you but these places always screw up my coffee no matter how specific I am. I mean how hard is 2 creams, 2 sugars? That crap is premeasured, how do you mess that up? There is nothing worse than spending money on bad coffee. Anyways, that is a rant for another day. I like to control how my food/drink is made so this works great for me. I can calculate exactly how many points I want to "spend" on my coffee and some days I add less cream or sugar to lower my points. You could also use almond or soy milk instead of creamer. I am partial to half and half personally. So please save your waistline and your wallet and try this easy way to cold brew homemade iced coffee!

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