Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cancel on the 10lbs

SO I have decided that losing 10lbs before Christmas would be fabulous BUT it really is not a healthy way to think about it. So I am changing my goal/bet with my husband. Instead I am going to focus on something I can control. I am going to aim for a positive.

I am going to workout 6 days a week until Christmas. If I stick to it I will get my mani/pedi right before we head up to see the family for Christmas. I am therefore rewarding something I can truely control.

I know myself and if I didn't get a good loss the first week then I would say screw it. Instead I am making a positive choice to be more healthy. I am not saying that all you guys who want to do the 10lbs are wrong or making a bad choice, just that I know myself. SO here is to being more active and hey maybe to losing 10lbs too!

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andrea. said...

Good for you! I am totally not a fan of the time-based weight loss goals! They really just put the focus on the wrong aspect. Plus, if you have a good weigh in and you get a little 'ahead' of the game, you start feeling like you 'take it easy' ... and if you have a bad weigh in and fall a little behind, you end up feeling like you'll never catch up, and saying screw it! Either way you lose, I think.

So way to go with your new goal! Can't wait to hear about your progress! :))