Friday, April 1, 2011


So I guess if you missed my last post then this one should catch your attention! I am officially 5 weeks pregnant with my first baby! I am so excited I am dying to tell all the people in my life however I have only told a few. I haven't seen my ob yet, apparently they don't see you until you are 8-12 weeks along. I will be seeing a nurse to go over family history etc and getting set up for blood work in a couple weeks. It is truly painful to wait to share such amazing news. Not to mention to explain why I am so tired! I think everyone at work thinks I am staying up all night partying j/k I do wonder if anyone is wondering. I have only dealt with heartburn through out the day and mild queasiness at work (knock on wood) but overall I think I am acting mostly the same if not only moving slowly but getting things done!

I am soo happy and tired : D I can feel that I am very bloated already and my pants are not fitting as comfortably as before. In preparation I have ordered some maternity pants because I carry my weight in my belly as it is. I ordered a couple of work pants that were on sale at Motherhood maternity and scored a couple pair of motherhood maternity jeans on ebay. I knew what size to get because I tried on a pair of my friends and adjusted a size down. One work pair has arrived and I have to tell you they are awesome, so comfy and the fit my legs and bum perfectly. To be honest I look better in them than my other pants!

So my blog may be more baby centered now! I hope you don't mind!


Cassie said...

I don't mind at all!!! Congrats! That is fantastic news!

marie said...