Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Ok so I am a 3rd time drop out non-loser. What can I do besides pick myself back up and try again. At least it is summer now, and I want to be outside much more.  SO I feel the need to purge my mind, I cheated, I quit, and I completely disgustingly pigged out big time. I did it, I own it and now I need to fix it. Did I mention I gained, yeah I gained a lot well all of it back. How the hell did I manage to put it all back on so quickly? Oh yeah did I mention I ate A LOT. 
I stopped counting points because it was making me seriously crazy but really maybe it was keeping me on track. If I am going to think about food all the time then I might as well think about how I should eat well not about the next doughnut. 
Ok on a nicer note I plan on doing the weight watcher thing again but this time no weight ins because that was another thing that made me a little crazy. I always had to weight in at night so I spent the whole weight in day worrying about drinking too much water etc. I am going to focus on how I feel weighting in  only twice a month. That way when I gain a little due to working out it won't feel like a failure. 
Holy long post Batman, long story short.....I'm back. keep the comments coming I'll need them!

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