Thursday, April 24, 2008

stress eating

Ok so I work at a daycare and at certain points in the day my stress levels skyrocket. For example trying to get 10 four year olds and 12 five year olds to lay quietly for 2.5 hours. I work usually until 2 which is right near the end of nap so I leave feeling pretty stressed. Today my first thoughts as I was preparing to leave were "Oh man I am going to hit Mcdonald's drive through"  I wasn't hungry. I had a good lunch and I realized that I was eating to make myself feel better. Instead I chose to head home and have some 97% fat free popcorn and a diet coke. It was a good choice and even though I still have a little micky-ds craving I feel ok. What a revelation. I don't need junk food to feel better, weird.


Leisa said...

Good for you for passing up the Micky Dee's. BTW, I love 97% fat free popcorn. So filling for so little cals!

Kara said...

Way to go! I love it when I can muster up the strength to avoid temptation. You go girl!