Friday, July 30, 2010

life goes on

So as the title says life is going. I am still looking to find a job, although not as hard as I should be. We are feeling more settled in the house, all of the little fixes are done and now we have to start saving for the big jobs. Right now our bedroom is in the dining room and our upstairs is unused until we get the drywalling done.

My 28th birthday is coming up August 11th and I am asking for a bike. We really don't have the money but I fell in love with a beautiful pink Schwinn cruiser while picking up groceries at Walmart the other day. I have been wanting a bike for a couple of years now. Before now we were in a third floor apartment with no room for bike storage but now we have a garage!! I think of all presents this is at least a productive one. We are also now on a great road for biking so that is a plus.

Once I get my bike all I need is to convince the husband that he needs a bike!

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