Sunday, May 8, 2011

More belly talk

I am still just hanging about being pregnant. I have been very anxious these past couple weeks because my first ultrasound is this Friday. I am dying to see that everything is ok with the baby and that it is growing well. I will be almost 11 weeks along which is 1 week shy of being in my second trimester! That is a long wait, especially since we found out early at 3 weeks.

I am feeling good, just tired, and I have no reason to worry about the health of the baby. I guess it is just the not knowing whats going on in there. Since I have little morning sickness I have no big signs of being pregnant. Truthfully I feel like everything is fine but sometimes I worry that I have it too easy. So I guess I am holding my breath until Friday, think of me and send positive vibes my way around 3:30pm!!

I will post ultrasound pics as soon as I can!


Losing It said...

I had no morning sickness what so ever. It was glorious! Enjoy it. Hope you make it through the week before seeing your little bean ;)

Food Coma said...

Thank you, that is reassuring! I can't wait!