Saturday, March 3, 2012

What am I eating?

Well not a whole lot. Ever since I had my son I have struggled with a lack of appetite. Now you may think that is a good thing but the truth is in order to stop my stomach from rumbling I have to eat something and the only things that are palatable to me are carby. I have been eating crackers, chips, toast, and drinking coffee by the gallon(ok not gallon but still way too much). My post baby belly is ridiculous, it is low and smushy and I do not care for it one bit.
I am back at work now, it has been a week and it is going ok but I am so tired. I love coming home to see my son, it is truly the highlight of my day. I hope soon to be back to a regular schedule as he gets more into a routine and going to daycare in the morning is the norm.
My husband is on vacation this coming week and will be finishing the flooring in our small spare room, I plan to put my treadmill up there and use it during the baby's 3-5pm nap. I think his nap will be a good reminder to work out. I know I will feel better once I get more regular exercise in my day. Maybe I will even be able to stay up later than 9pm.

So other than that I am just being a mom and loving it. I really hope to check in more frequently, even if it is just a Saturday weekly check in. This baby belly is not going anywhere until I recommit to my health that is for sure. Without further adieu, my handsome, happy boy.

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