Monday, April 15, 2013

So many questions.

Where does the time go? How does becoming a mom change my bedtime to 9 o'clock? When did I become a runner? Or am I?

So many questions but I suppose an update is due. We are still a family of 3. My son is a thriving 16 almost 17 month old happy child. I love being his mom and have never been happier.

I am down about 30lbs since December and feeling pretty great although I still have a way to go. I started running in January and can now run 36 minutes straight on the treadmill and around 2 miles outside. I have been using My Fitness Pal and counting calories. It has made my life much easier and changed he way I look at calories. I think in terms of if a food is "worth" spending my calories. Sometimes candy is worth the calories other times not so much. So it isn't really always about the nutrition of the nutrition of the item but rather if it fits into my daily needs. I know that if I am running that day I will need to pay more attention to my food choices or else my run will suck. I have also found that my water intake makes a huge difference in my runs. If I am not drinking like a fish all the time I suffer during my runs.

I will say working out did not give me any energy, exactly the opposite really. I am pooped and I go to bed really early! I was hoping my body would adjust but not so much yet. I did check in with my doctor and all of my bloodwork came back normal and I know that it isn't any other issue. Life is jut making me tired.

Now the runner question is one I am going to write about in another post because it is something I really struggle with. It is a self esteem issue/confidence issue for sure.

I am going to try harder to be a better blogger because it does help me and I hope it is somewhat entertaining! I do have a list of blog ideas that I want to work on. Sometimes I think that writing out my thoughts will help me work through the issues. Sometimes just getting it out of my head feels good. Of course hearing that other people think the same way is always amazing!

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