Sunday, October 10, 2010

And now

Well now I am doing okay. I am still getting up relativly early and definitely earlier than I was. I haven't weighed in so I am sticking to that goal. I worked 4 days last week so I was pretty busy and my house is a mess. It is a 3 day weekend, and I have already booked 3 sub days for next week.

Friday I am working a full day and then jumping in the car to drive to Portland, which is about 3 hours away. I am getting to see my bff who is up visiting from Florida for the night. We are planning a night out, loads of margaritas I'm sure. I also have a baby shower on Saturday afternoon which I will hit on my way back home.

I am feeling really uncomfortable in my body lately and I am nervous about dressing to go out Friday night. My jeans are just not fitting well, muffintop city. Well I guess I have a week to do some damage control. I've seen a lot of pictures of myself lately that have really made me feel super disapointed. It is amazing how you can think you look good or okay but then a picture shows your real size and it is really a shock. I am starting to feel constant worry that people will ask if I am pregnant, I hate the way I carry my weight. It just makes me feel on edge, I feel nervous going places that I know I will see a lot of new people because they may assume I am pregnant. It really is a body type curse, yes I am lucky to have thinner limbs but I have to worry about this.

Okay whinning over, whats the plan? Unfortunatly I don't know.

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