Friday, October 1, 2010


So I have decided that my October goal is to get up early everyday. I have settled on 6 am, So I will work up to it. My plan is to start out the first 3 days at 6:30 and then go to 6 am.

As some of you might remember I am currently a substitute teacher which means most days I have no idea if I will work or not. I get a phone call at 6:30 to find out if I work that day. Luckily the main school I am working at is a 7 minute drive away. The way things have gone is that I wake up at six anticipating the call anyways waiting to see if I go into work or back to sleep. That is a half an hour of stress in the morning that I will be avoiding by already being up at 6 and starting my day.

Of course the biggest struggles will be the weekends and the fact that it will be cold and dark in the mornings now. In the end I think this will be beneficial to me in many ways. I will have a less stressful start to my day, eat a good breakfast, and have extra time to get things done, and maybe even work out. Plus we will have kids in the future and I might as well be used to early mornings!

I m challenging myself to stick this out for a month. Sure there will probably be some days that I fail but overall I want to make this a life habit. I think a month is a good trial to see if it is for me. If at the end of the month I decide I am just not an early riser the I will stop. The real challenge is not getting up early but rather sticking to the commitment of getting up early for a month.


Verity Vaudeville said...

So there's no indication whether you'll be working one day or the next? That sounds awful, is there no way around it, no way at all?

It just seems like such a waste of your worry and anxiety to have to be up so early each morning when you might not have to be.

Food Coma said...

Yeah, like this morning I just got the call at 6:15 asking if I can sub. Of course I can always say no or turn off my ohone if I decided that I do not want to work that day. It is actually fine if I can sleep through the 6am time frame but those mornings I wake up at just the wrong time are the worst...just waiting.