Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back to school

Well I am back to work this week and it is truly kicking my butt. I am TIRED! But I am also tracking, pretty honestly and trying to get my water in. I started getting up earlier than before to allow myself some blogging/coffee time in the morning which is nice. No more stressful rushing to start my day.

Work is proving to have some real curveballs for the next month or so, one of the ed techs that I work with is leaving. I know that people change jobs all the time but when working with kids with autism it is especially hard to make the transition. Just to add to the stress the students are dealing with coming back from a 2 week break. Yeah did I mention I am tired : )

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Chubby McGee said...

Good job tracking. :)

It is difficult, isn't it? Oh, man! My breakfast consisted of egg whites, fake bacon, coffee, and Tylenol. Oh! I ACHE! LOL!

But we are SOOOOOOOO worth it!

Hang in there, sweetie! You're makin' me proud.