Saturday, January 15, 2011

circle of plans

There are many things that I have attempted, put effort into, and then quit. I find myself having difficulty sticking to my plans. Maybe my plans are too rigid, maybe I give up too easily. In the end I just long to try again. I still want to be an early riser. I still want to work out in the morning I love the way it makes me feel). I still want to stop drinking diet coke. I still want to get healthy before pregnancy.

They all seem to involve each other. If I drank less diet coke, I could sleep better and rise earlier. If I got up earlier I would have time to work out before work. If I did all of these things I would be heading towards a healthier pregnancy.

SO where to start? I think that the first step is to cut back on my diet coke consumption which I would be doing once I am pregnant anyways. Along with that I am going to set my alarm 15 minutes earlier next week. How is that for a start?

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