Wednesday, April 21, 2010

back to reality

SO I ran today. Well I guess it would be called half running. I did some 1 minute intervals of running. I am glad I did it and I am going to really try to keep it up. I know I have tried so many times before to run but I end up giving up. I really want to be a runner so badly, sometimes I feel like I am just not built for it.

On another note I am in the home stretch of school. I am finishing up my unit and unit presentation today (fingers crossed) and tomorrow is portfolio work/ presentation. I am really hoping I can get those done because I have my teaching certification test on Saturday which I need to do some studying for! BUSY week. Oh yeah the test is 2.5 hours away and at 7:30 AM!! I will be staying at a friends house at the half way point so I will only have to drive about an hour that morning.

Oh yeah and on Sunday, we are looking at 8 houses! Yikes.

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