Monday, April 26, 2010


Hey guys I can tell I have been a particularly bad blogger as of late because my follower count is down. Oops sorry. I guess I have just been taking care of other business in my life. Finishing up school, looking for a house, looking for a job, and being the maid of honor in a wedding in June has just kept me super busy. SO I am trying to find my focus again and I will try my best to get back to blogging.

I picked up my dress for the wedding, yes the one I had to get in a bigger size. I am still beating myself up for ordering a size down to begin with. But anyways I have the new size, it zips but it could fit a little more comfortably. So of course I am trying to refocus on weight watchers. I am still signed up for the online program and I will weigh in tomorrow.

I am feeling a little bit of a failure with my getting back on the wagon. I keep trying but I also keep giving up. I have got to invest in myself.

I tried getting back into running this week and I have decided that running is not going to work for me. Now this isnt me giving up but truthfully at this weight I think it is too much for my ankle. I broke my ankle about 9 years ago in a car accident and had 2 surgeries on it. One put a screw in and another to take it back out again! So the day after I run I usually have a lot of pain.

So instead of running I will focus on walking. I think that just getting more active will be hugely beneficial at this point. I know in the past I have thought that walking was a "wimpy" form of exercise and that it doesn't do enough to make a difference but the end result is that I just end up doing nothing. Compared to nothing, walking is an improvement lol.

So there it is. I am refocusing and I am going to blog more. I promise!!

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