Sunday, April 11, 2010

weigh in check

So bad news on the weigh in. I gained .8 which sucks. I feel like this week has been my most honest week I have ever had on ww. I really weighed and counted every little bit. I didn't work out at all but I figured that if I was following the eating plan then I would be fine to lose at least 1 pound.

Well the way I see it, I have two options. 1. get pissed off and go eat a bunch of junk OR 2. drop my activity level therefor dropping my points back down to 24 (from 26) and hope this works better for me.

I am choosing to go with #2 of course! In fact I am so NOT letting this little gain bring me down that I am off to go for a nice walk before the bridal shower I am invited to today. I did have some sucess this week I drank a lot more water, was really honest about the points I was eating, and I did not eat out (other than subway and panera the two approved options).

I also picked up some vitamins yesterday and some folic acid ( to prepare for future babies). Ok now off to the treadmill.

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