Friday, April 30, 2010

The end

SO today I passed my Teaching portfolio presentation which means that as soon as I get my (hopefully passing) test score I will be a certified k-8 teacher. Wow. I did 2 presentations today, the last of my school work, my last class. I am officially no longer a student....what now?

No seriously what the heck do I do with the remaining 2 months in this town. I can't get a job with only 2 months to offer them. I have been toying with the idea of moving up early alone and getting a job, leaving my husband alone. He is not fond of this idea.

If I stay I guess I will have plenty of time to focus on my weight loss. I can pack up the house. I can....I don't know! I am planning on volunteering some time at public school that I did my internship in. The kids will love it.

Wow, I am no longer a student. Wow I made it. Wow now I have to find a job.

1 comment:

marie said...

It's scary, eh?

You're going to be great, whatever you decide to do :)