Sunday, April 12, 2009

Guess who..

Got invited to be in her sister in laws wedding in January. So my sil is a size umm well 0 and my other sil is in the wedding to, who is someone that is always trying to compete with me. SO I am feeling like I need to get my bum moving on this weight loss thing. There is nothing worse to make you feel fat than a bridesmaid dress, especially when 3 other people will be wearing the same thing, and you are the biggest. Don't wanna go there, gotta nip this in the bud.

Obviously I am not going to just drop the weight because I am in the wedding that stuff never works for me. But I will always take a little more motivation.

Since my ww membership is offically up tomorrow I am trying to make a decision about it. I may sign back up on Saturday and pay week to week until I am 100% sure about my plans.

To be honest I just wish I could weigh in every other week so my focus isn't 100% on lbs, I would rather focus on health. I think that my major downfall in weight loss is focusing on weight instead of learning to eat healthy. Although I know that in some ways weighing in keeps me honest.

Ah I have a crazy week ahead 2 exams and a paper to deal with, still getting up early, eating well, and deciding about my weight watchers membership. To top it all off, grocery stores were closed today (easter) so I have no produce and little healthy snacks fro tomorrow. I have to run to the grocery store tomorrow after school and work at which point I will be exhausted and hungry wish me luck! Ahhhhhhh.


♥ Dee ♥ said...

Why don't you give yourself one month on a free program, like NutriMirror ( and see if you can hold yourSELF accountable successfully?

(no, I don't work for them, lol... just love the program... and it's free)

carla said...

I wanted to chastise you for saying you wont lose the weight (BE POSITIVE :)) but I so much like the fact that you wanna harness the wedding as motivation REGARDLESS I shall bite my tongue :)


Kud said...

Don't use another person as a reason to lose weight because that is always a losing battle (no pun intended). I know that the wedding is temporary motivation here, but if you set arbitrary goals and then don't make them by the time of the wedding, it will take away from your experience at the wedding party and bring out feelings of guilt, or dissatisfaction. I personally think we should dissociate weight-loss from all kind of life experiences so that we don't miss out in experiences in life and tarnish potentially worthwhile memories. Know what I mean?