Saturday, April 4, 2009

I gained 1.6 this week, I'm not shocked. Yesterday was truly a I don't give s Sh*t kind of day. I ate out twice and had a donut for breakfast. I followed up lunch with a bunch of reeses mini eggs and also had 2 margaritas with dinner.

I am bloated and feeling pretty yucky today. I went and weighed in anyways, I was able to weigh in but my meeting was canceled so I was unable to have that encouragement. Unfortunitly I will be out of town next week too so no meeting or weigh in then too.

Speaking of going out of town I am trying to be ready for that. The hardest part is the 3.5 hours of driving to get there, we have to stop for atleast one meal. Then it is eating at someone elses house with someone elses foods. We are talking white bread and pizza. His mom wil probably mkae a cake and cookies to boot. there is also Easter dinner. Oh my. I think I am going to focus on eating what is really special once a year type foods in small portions.

They also live in the country so maybe I can get in some walking in the morning. The on ly down fall is that they dont have a shower, yeah, no shower. Just a tub with barely warm water. SO I dont want to work up a sweat each day and have to take full on baths. I know what you are thinking how do people live with out a shower!?! I don't get it!

So to top it all off I have a major exam this week. I have to also think about the fact that since I wil be gone all weekend and working extra hours this week that I need to do work for the following week too. Next week I have 2 exams and a paper due. Wow, I am going to be a busy busy girl this week. Oh yeah and I have to babysit today!

Sometimes I wonder how I get it all done. Other times I wonder if I put far too much on my plate. I think that the madness that is my life gets in the way of my weigh loss and it kills me. I know that everyone is busy and there is nothing really special about my challenges but geeez I just want to take a break from life sometimes. SO my goals for the next week is to focus on each day not the whole week, get up early, and to use my time wisely.

I will weigh in in two weeks, two very challenging weeks. I will see a loss, even if it is 2 pounds. I will have two healthy weeks and that is what matters.


Criztawl said...

I gained today ... I don't even want to admit the number I saw on the scale.

I honestly believe that my life style right now is why I am struggling so hard. That and I'm super stressed over everything.

I'm hoping that when school is done at the end of the month that things will calm down and I can get back into the groove of losing weight, constantly!

Best of luck with getting everything done this week. I'm heading home next weekend so like you I'll have to eat whatever is available ... all full fat, super high calorie food.

Food Coma said...

Well I think that we can do it. It is kind of like when people throw a away a whole week because of thanksgiving, it is one day, except it and move on. This is a weekend, a little tougher but I think that packing some healthy go to foods might help or bringing a fruit platter or asking for one to me made if you are celebrating the holiday. 100 cal packs may not be all too wholesome but if they keep ya away from the cookies then hey why not!