Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I got up early this morning but then promptly went back to bed because my head was so congested that I should stay home today. I do have to say that getting up early has become much easier, however I think that the week end will be the true challenge.

Something that I have notice this week with getting up early is that I am eating a bit better. I am able to plan and pack my lunch for the day instead of the usual just grab a couple things and hope it equals lunch and snacks. I think that it will help me sleep too however last night was terrible due to my cold/allergies(?) .

My husband is also home today sick so we are a sad house today. It is almost noon and he is still sleeping! Which is kind of nice since I like to be alone when I am sick. I hate having to worry about someone else when I am trying to feel better myself. I know that probably sounds selfish but waiting on someone else is not how I heal!

So I am off to drink some diet coke umm I mean oj and watch some daytime tv/movies.

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Criztawl said...

Get better soon!! When I'm sick I turn into a big baby and need to have someone look after me. Last week when I had my fever I actually cried like a baby and wanted my mommy :)